Traditional Turkish recipes

Traditional recipes from Mustafapaşa, Cappadocia

The recipes below were collected in Mustafapaşa, a charming and historical village of Cappadocia. Like many towns in Cappadocia, Mustafapaşa had a largely Greek Orthodox population in Ottoman times. Muslim Turks and Orthodox Greeks lived side by side, and the sound of church bells mingled with the call to prayer from the mosque. Called Sinasos by its Ottoman Greek residents, it is still called that today by many local people.

After the exchange of Greek and Turkish populations in 1924 (in accordance with the Treaty of Lausanne), the refugees came to Mustafapaşa. They were mostly Macedonian people from Thessaloniki (modern-day Greece), and they brought with them these recipes which are handed down from generation to generation and still cooked today in Mustafapaşa. These recipes are known as muhacir or "refugees" recipes and are part of Mustafapasa's rich cultural heritage.

A special thank you to Birol Malçok from Mustafapaşa Town Hall for letting us use his superb photos.

Tranenik (pudding)

This dish is prepared with 500g of cornflour and 1 kilo of wheat flour. Mix the flour and some salt with ayran (buttermilk) until it is the texture of small beads. Leave to dry on an oiled tray. Mix with 2 tablespoons of butter, 2 cups hot water, 1 cup of ayran (buttermilk). Bake in a traditional oven on a round metal baking-tray or in a modern oven pre-heated to 250°C for 40 minutes.

Serve warm with pekmez (grape molasses).

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Mecnik. With step by step photos.

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