Cafes & bars

Our favourite cafés and bars

In this section we have included our favourite places to have a tea or coffee or a beer. These are our personal recommendations and as they say, different strokes for different folks! All the places we mention serve a wide variety of soft drinks, teas, coffees and other hot drinks as well as alcoholic drinks of all sorts.

As an aside, you will often be offered apple tea (elma çayı in Turkish). If you like it, that's fine, but you should know that it is just powdered form of artificial flavourings and colourings and also known as turist çayı (tourist tea!). Turkish tea is served without milk or lemon in little tulip-shaped glasses and is an acquired taste; I love it, some people hate it and long for Tetley's teabags!

Hiva Terrace Café, Mustafapaşa, Cappadocia

Located in one of the authentic villages of Cappadocia: Mustafapaşa, Hiva Terrace Cafe was recently opened by Fahri, a French-speaking guide, who knows everything there is to know about Mustafapaşa and its surroundings. The café has been given a makeover and is a fusion of traditional and modern, whilst still remaining cosy.

Fahri serves up dishes such as: köfte - chicken or beef dumplings traditionally served with rice and salad, homemade burgers, various salads, pasta with various sauces, or simply a good breakfast. Note that all dishes are fresh and homemade.

The cafe also has a terrace that offers a breathtaking view of the village from which you can enjoy smoking the narghile... Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised, especially since there are many flavors to discover... Non-smokers will enjoy a good espresso. This is a café we highly recommend because of the warm welcome, the food is very good, and the view from the terrace is completely unforgettable. Not to be missed on your next visit!

  • Wide range of good coffees
  • Free Wifi
  • Davutlu mevkii Hamam Sokak No:4, Mustafapaşa/Ürgüp

Han Çırağan Café & Restaurant, Ürgüp

In summer the terrace is covered with an impressive vine lattice (one of the vines is apparently over 80 years old and still going strong) and it is a lovely place to sit and relax in the shade of an afternoon. The dreamy atmosphere livens up in the evening as local people come in either for a meal or for a drink. The national drink in Turkey is the anise-flavoured rakı which you drink with home-made meze (similar to tapas) which can be houmous, anchovies or braised tongue (delicious!) or vegetables in olive oil. For those who prefer beer, Han Çırağan serves Belgian and other imported specialty beers as well as the ubiquitous Efes, Miller and Tuborg. Wine-lovers can enjoy a wide variety of quality Cappadocia wines, served by the glass or by the bottle. You can sit outside on the terraces (heated in winter) or in the many elegant dining rooms of this former caravanserai. An upmarket establishment where cultural events (art exhibitions, jazz concerts) are held regularly throughout the year.

  • Extensive wine list
  • Local and imported beers
  • Free Wifi
  • Live music and jazz evenings
  • Cumhuriyet Meydani No:4 Ürgüp

Fat Boys Cafe, Göreme

Don't be surprised at the name of this café - it is a play on words on the owner, Yilmaz's surname. This place is definitely the place to hang out in Göreme. There is a shady inside seating area or you can hunker down on the fat cushions on the terrace outside. In this café, Australia meets Turkey; the menu comprises a range of local dishes as well as burgers (with hand-cut fries), sausage rolls and even Australian meat pie, nachos and Vegemite on toast. With a well-stocked bar and very reasonable prices, this is a great place to meet friends for a drink or lunch or dinner; in fact you can drop in at any time of the day. The happy, friendly staff provide attentive service and there is free Wifi. The ideal place to chill out and watch the world go by.

  • Draught beer
  • Free Wifi
  • Turgut Ozal Meydanı, Göreme